We’re very happy to announce that the new version 4.0 level 3+ plates are now available on the website, and the full test footage has been posted. The 3+ plates have always been our flagship product and we’re always trying to make them just a little bit better.

The changes in the new 4.0 version are:

 1. Rebalanced tile-to-backer ratio.

We talked at length about this and decided that increasing the weight slightly was an acceptable tradeoff to further reduce backface deformation. This change was effective in testing. Backface deformation from the 5.56 rounds was below 20mm, less than half the NIJ maximum of 44mm. Weight increased slightly to ~4lbs 8oz per plate. Thickness remains the same at 0.75”.

2. Different wrapping method. 

This change had no effect on ballistic performance, but does change the plate cosmetically and reduce our labor time on each plate by removing the very tedious sanding step. This change should allow us to keep plates in stock much easier and keep the price the same for the near future. 

 TL;DR: We tweaked the internals slightly for better performance, changed the outer wrap to fabric, and should be able to keep them in stock much more consistently.

 Thank you all for your continued support on this project!