No significant design changes since last batch, new logo stencil though which looks pretty sweet (no more off center threat levels!)

As per usual we do an approximated NIJ level 3 test, minus the heat cycling, prolonged submersion, etc. for batch testing- 6 hits of steel jacketed 30cal around 150gr around 2850fps, then hit any unhit sections of the plate with M855 ~3100fps.*

Did the BFS measurements on camera by request- though our capacity to calibrate the clay in the field is limited (more on that later- we have a solution we're happy with that, while it exceeds industry standards, requires a little explanation.)

The M855 that slipped through was ~0.66" from a 30cal hit, so it's not unexpected, still disappointing but what can you do- there likely wasn't any tile left to break the steel core up at the impact point. Mostly I'm embarrassed that I still get fliers in my shot strings at 20' range. 

This batch test is a PASS 

* as with all things involving being on the receiving end of small arms fire, your mileage may vary- we do not guarantee our products to do anything besides what we demonstrate them doing in controlled environments, armor is great, not getting shot at in the first place is preferred.