Worker Owned & Operated

Red Star Defense is a worker-owned industrial cooperative in the Pacific Northwest, reselling tactical accessories and manufacturing ballistic armor that working class people can afford without compromising on quality or utility.

About Our Prices & Products

One of the main drives to start this project was discovering how much of an unnecessary markup exists in the tactical gear industry, especially for entry level gear.

Our core items are designed and/or produced by us. For example, our plates are our flagship item and are the result of years of R&D and iterative changes.

Others are purchased direct from manufactures using their preexisting designs or as overrun from other contracts (e.g., our plate carriers, gloves, and belts). There is, frankly, a lot of garbage out there in this category. We shop around and obtain samples from a wide variety of distributors to find the items that are of acceptable quality for their price. Even at low quantities, this is frequently still lower than the prices other sellers offer them at.

Some items, like our medical supplies, we get name-brand items from trusted distributors, like NAR. On medical items, we typically sell them for the minimum price feasible for us to cover our costs.